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GEAR, the good stuff………….





We use this in conjunction with the Mamiya 645 AFD III for all of our architectural and interior works. In fact we use it wherever practical.

With almost 40 million pixels it produces a RAW file measuring appx. 24″ x 18″ @ 300 dpi. Image quality is second to none and the file size enables extensive cropping with no loss of quality.







A very versatile dual-operator aerial platform for both stills and video. The camera gimbal is controlled separately and allows manual over-ride of pan, tilt & roll axis. Video goggles provide live TTL viewing for the camera operator.

The tech specs are far too many to mention but suffice to say it’s a very sophisticated vehicle; perfect for not only high altitude work but also low-level oblique-angle photography. It’s currently fitted with a Nikon D5300 that shoots 24 Mp stills and full HD video @ 1920 x 1080 at up to 60 fps.




Nikon D800



Nikon’s highest pixel-count DSLR featuring a 36 Mp sensor. Needs to be used carefully and definitely needs good glass but is capable of producing extremely large finely-detailed images. Despite popular myth it’s not a serious rival to medium-format digital backs but given it’s size, weight and range of lenses it’s probably more versatile. Produces images measuring a little over 24″ x 16″ @ 300 dpi.








On it’s release this was one of the most advanced DSLR’s ever made. Lightning fast and  sturdily built it is a great camera in all respects and produces superb results. It is particularly good (brilliant in fact) for low-light  photography. Although it has been superceded by several new models  it it still one of my favourite cameras. 

The 12.1 Mp sensor produces a RAW file measuring appx. 9.5″ x 14″ @ 300 dpi.