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Although prints are available from any of my stock images I have put together a collection of  photographs that I feel are particularly suitable for print. They are available on a variety of archival mediums and on canvas.

The maximum recommended print size is for paper-based prints and can be increased by about 30% for canvas. It is based on the medium the image was shot on which ranges from 35mm film to 40 Mp digital. Beyond these sizes you will begin to notice a softening of the image although to what extent depends on the distance you are viewing it from. That said it’s a personal choice, you can print as large as you like.

The distressed images are the result of natural degradation of film emulsion plus a little artistic license. The amount of photoshop work required to repair these images would be prohibitive so I have opted instead to enhance their existing characteristics.

Images have been sorted into Color and Black & White galleries; click on the links below: